October 24th 2018


Ever since the agency was founded, the team at 32MARS has created designs that give clients a taste and keep them craving more. We’ve found them slogans (or not). We’ve created innovative strategies and designs that really focus on you. We’ve gotten invested, we’ve gotten fired up. Sometimes, we’ve had to show we’re flexible. We’ve worked tirelessly; some have even gotten the cold shoulder for it. But after finding tonnes of creative solutions for our clients and creating plenty of joy, and after all these years of development, growth, and change, we paused for a few moments to ask ourselves: who’s looking after us? We’re not going to lie, our shirts with the old logo were really worn out, and the new members of the team were getting tired of it. So, we decided to offer ourselves our own services to pimp out our branding.

“Why reinvent ourselves? Because we’re proud! Proud of what we’ve become, while still remaining authentic. Was it easy? Not at all! We even made a few wrong turns along the way, until we remembered that, where we’re going, we don’t need a road!” said Steeve Marin, our CEO (a.k.a. “Coach in chief”). So, we got out our map and our compass, cleared the way and created a brand that’s a better reflection of us than ever. Intentional. A bit edgy. Irresistibly funky. As colourful as can be. In short, we enjoyed ourselves. The creation process allowed Sophie Lavoie, artistic director at 32MARS, to play with colours, optical illusions and perspectives. “Our new signature is very clean and will adapt with us as we continue to grow. Its simplicity allowed us to develop a brand identity that really pops! The graphic platform, inspired by the 80s and the video games and epic films that were revolutionary at the time, gives us the opportunity to put our personality on display. We got to play with intentional and effective fonts and a bright colour palette. A real treat for an AD!”

Basically, we were jealous of the work we were doing for our clients. We wanted to treat ourselves, reassert our position and show you everything that fits in our brand identity. Today, we’re revealing the results of our efforts. You’re invited to 32MARS. Welcome elsewhere!

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