October 8th 2019

CASE STUDY / INFINITI QUÉBEC - Le luxe à juste prix


The parent company Infiniti Motor Company Ltd., with its head office in Hong Kong, is commercially present in about fifty countries around the world. The Infiniti brand was launched in 1989. Infiniti’s mission is to offer inspired products to become the best in their class. Despite its launch in 1989, even now, the make is still trying to gain a greater market share and establish itself against popular manufacturers, including Lexus, Acura, BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. In addition, the advertising investment of its competitors is ten times greater than that of Infiniti. Furthermore, on the local level of a simple dealership, visibility and awareness quickly become affected by the actions taken by competitors as well as its own parent company on the national and global scales.


In 2015, Infiniti Québec entrusted 32MARS with the management of its marketing to support it in its promotional strategies, as well as in the design, creation, planning, and media buying of its advertisements. Its objective? To stand out from the competition, position itself as the benchmark for luxury automobiles at a low cost, and increase its brand awareness among people aged 35 to 65. The 32MARS team analyzed the situation from a new perspective and turned these identified weaknesses and problems around in Infiniti Québec's favour.


First of all, we identified the actions taken by competitors and Infiniti Canada. Why? On one hand, to dissociate it from the media where competitors were naturally surpassing the dealership in terms of investment, frequency, and reach. And on the other hand, to integrate it into the manufacturer’s strategy as a complement in the media mix. That is, when Infiniti Canada made television and radio placements, Infiniti Québec was present on posters. And while most of the competitors were on the radio and in newspapers, Infiniti Québec was on the web and in the field. Ingenious, right?

After that, an awareness-based advertising campaign was developed to highlight products, not prices. By communicating inspiring images and the promise of “luxury at a fair price,” Infinity Québec was able to stand out from the competition, get into people’s heads before their buying process, and promote the brand.


32MARS has helped the dealership increase its sales by 19.7% annually and its market share by 7.4% in greater Québec City. The awareness campaign has significantly increased foot traffic in the dealership and made it stand out from the other dealerships in Quebec.


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