October 7th 2019

Case Study / AGP Assurance - Demonstrating that we are an employer of choice


AGP Assurance has over twenty-five years of experience in distributing insurance products to individuals and businesses. The company has experienced strong growth in recent years and has increasing needs in recruitment.

AGP Assurance’s organizational culture is already well established: happy employees who are proud to represent their company, a friendly and congenial atmosphere, facilities and tools to promote performance and teamwork, an advantageous work–life–education balance and competitive salaries. However, the organizational culture is rarely communicated internally or externally. 



AGP Assurance therefore called on 32MARS to promote the corporate culture with the goal of enhancing its recruitment process. The desired clientele? Positive, ambitious university students with the profile of go-getters and leaders, who would like to take an entry-level position during their studies and grow within the company thereafter. 



Our strategy was to demonstrate, without explaining, that AGP Assurance is an employer of choice. For this reason, employees acted as ambassadors and allowed people to experience the company’s culture and make it their own as “spectators.” Their inspiring stories were showcased; they shared their lives, and they have unveiled what they love about their jobs. 

 As a means of communication, 32MARS chose to roll out a digital awareness campaign for the employer brand accompanied by specific recruitment campaigns based on the client’s needs, including a landing page to facilitate the staffing process. AGP Assurance’s social media were used as the primary platforms to promote the employer brand. The texts of job listings were reworked. 

 Given that the target was already greatly coveted, it was important to emphasize that AGP Assurance does things its own way and therefore differently. It was important to loosen up the world of insurance, highlight the stimulating environment and display the opportunities to develop professionally and gain experience and knowledge. For this reason, the publications have a confident, warm and somewhat irreverent tone and look. 



From September 2018 to January 2019, AGP Assurance made over fifteen hires and received over 300 résumés. During their last recruitment campaign, which lasted fifteen days, six people were hired, and the hiring rate per interview was 66.7%. AGP Assurance now has a bank of relevant, interested candidates, which greatly facilitates making hires.

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