August 22nd 2019



Following the creation of CISSS Montérégie-Est’s new graphic platform by 32MARS in fall 2018, the organization again called on the agency’s services to deploy its employer brand. Serving over 500,000 inhabitants thanks to its fifty-seven health facilities and social services, which include three hospitals, the CISSS Montérégie-Est constantly recruits staff and wants to establish a distinctive recruitment campaign in a market where the competition to attract the best talent is intense.



Beyond recruiting the best candidates, the main objective of the assignment was to develop an employer brand that would allow the customer to use it on their own. 



To ensure consistency with the brand, we opted to develop the graphic environment rather than create a new platform. We therefore kept the concept of “east” that sets the CISSS Montérégie-Est apart and adapted it to the marketing theme developed for the employer brand, i.e. a human organization that fosters the development of its members in all its forms. We used the concept of the “integrated centre” to demonstrate that it includes much more than health and social services. This allowed us to emphasize significant issues for the organization, such as proximity, quality of life, cooperation, self-improvement, work and fun. The slogan “C’EST ici” (“IT’S here”) is a simple, powerful statement that puts its seal on all the different variations and evokes the “est” (“east”) in Montérégie-Est, which facilitates association with the brand.



With this approach, the CISSS Montérégie-Est is now well equipped to communicate its values and advantages as an employer and attract talents in search of new challenges. Because the visuals were developed to allow the customer to use them on their own, the hiring team will be able to adapt the concept to the different messages and career opportunities that an organization that size can offer.

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