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How can you attract people to a website and a store with an original offer? That’s more or less the question we asked ourselves when we got together to help La Boutique du Lac, a company specializing in high-performance triathlon and cross-country skiing equipment. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the world of running, there’s a ton of different competitions: Ultra Trail, triathlon, Ironman, marathon, etc. No matter what type of running you do, there’s the half-marathon, which is found in most training plans and competitions. A half-marathon is exactly 21.1 km.


With every spring comes the arrival of new summer collections at La Boutique du Lac. It’s a very important period of the year for sporting stores, since athletes and amateurs refresh their equipment and get ready for a strong start to training for the summer season.  

We saw an opportunity to put forward a big promotion to satisfy a maximum number of athletes, from running newbies all the way to out-of-category runners [like the ones who dig running 80 km in the woods]. This campaign was also a great opportunity to reposition the brand to emphasize the team’s expertise.

The theme of the half-marathon and its 21-km distance inspired the design of a radio and web commercial, in which a 21.1% discount was offered on a different running item every day for 21 days.

Why? La Boutique du Lac isn’t just a discount equipment supplier. It’s a specialist, above all, where you can get advice about the right product for your actual needs, no matter what level you’re at.


The campaign mainly targeted men and women in the Québec City region ages 25 to 45 with an average to high income. Potential customers (our athletes) are amateur athletes who want to perform and are looking for quality equipment to get there.

The major strategic directions were therefore the following: 

  • Turn the sales discourse into a coach advice discourse.

  • Highlight the different skills, abilities, and sports results of the coaches (sellers).

  • Show the diversity of the products available at the store.


A minor increase of 191% during the target period.


During the month of April, it’s the half-marathon sale at La Boutique du Lac.

The store will offer a 21.1% discount on a different running item every day for 21 days. 

Today, we’re offering: The new pair of ASICS CUMULUS 18 running shoes with a 21.1% discount. This shoe accelerates the transition between impact and propulsion, saving you seconds. Your foot will bounce off the ground better with GEL-CUMULUS 18 thanks to its FluidRide 2.0 midsole that’s lighter and more flexible. 

Come meet our pros at La Boutique du Lac or head online to take advantage of the 21.1% discount at

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