Project type

Design / Strategy

Our deliverables

Market analysis, brand positioning, visual identity and graphic platform, publishing, peveloping a name and slogan, array of communication and promotion tools

Reviewing the foundation to support growth

What does Coboom really mean? It represents collaboration and team spirit. It also refers to results that come from a creative, innovative approach. Not bad for a management consulting firm specializing in strategy, organization and operations, wouldn’t you say? 

That’s what happens when a company decides to call on 32MARS to review its name and visual identity. We present you with their brand-new impactful modern graphic platform which perfectly reflects Coboom’s values. We’ll let you see it with your own eyes.


Formerly known as JPD Conseil, Coboom is a one-stop shop for consulting services. They specialize in strategy, organization and operations. The company was founded in 2010 and has experienced significant growth in recent years, which has forced it to rethink and redevelop its organizational model. Currently, the consultants manage 100% of the business while carrying out 200 client projects annually.

In the fall of 2018, the firm made the important decision to redevelop its overall brand image to mesh with the internal organizational changes that were underway. They wanted to acquire a new strong, modern identity that would reflect its scale and the values they embrace—creativity, team spirit and fun.


The firm called on 32MARS to find a new name and slogan and completely review the visual identity and graphic platform. It was necessary to ensure that the rapidly evolving company would clearly stand out from its competitors and catch the eye of its target clients with its unique, innovative personality.


32MARS first started by performing a positioning analysis. This first step was crucial because it helped define the key features that differentiate the management firm. 32MARS highlighted two main differentiating features: the importance of collaboration in all the company’s daily actions and its astonishing blend of creativity and ingenuity. 

JPD Conseil has always favoured co-creation based on listening and discussion. The idea of Coboom sprung from this observation: it’s a portmanteau word composed of the prefix co-, which means “with” or “together” and boom, which refers to growth and development. The slogan “Business Revolution” supports the idea that Coboom is a real agent of change for SMEs.

As for the design of the visual identity and graphic platform, the contrast between creativity and structure was a fundamental consideration. The X shape recalls the name by evoking collaboration and multiplication. The graphic shapes inside the symbol add movement and depth. To strengthen this contrast, a combination of warm and cool colours was selected. The cool shades convey confidence and ingenuity and speak to all generations. The warm colours bring youthfulness, energy and vibrancy to the brand.


Thanks to this new strong, confident brand identity, Coboom is now equipped to continue its growth and deploy its network of franchises. Unlike the old, more conservative image, the new identity reflects the company’s inventiveness and modernity. Coboom’s team, partners and clients have given this new identity a highly positive reception.

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