Génome Québec

Project type

Strategy / Design

Our deliverables

Market analysis, brand positioning, corporate logo and platform, editing, range of communication and promotional tools

Science in Images

Génome Québec is a very important institution in Quebec’s bioeconomy sector. The organization entrusted 32MARS with the task of revisiting its signature and developing a visual platform in order to effectively show the importance of the organization and its dedication to research and innovation. We accomplished all of this. We made sure that the new platform communicates both the dynamic and scientific sides of the organization. And it’s working!


Génome Québec’s mission is to catalyze the development and excellence of genomics research and promote its integration and democratization. It is a pillar of the Quebec bioeconomy and contributes to Quebec’s influence and its social and sustainable development. Génome Québec is helping to accelerate the discovery of new applications for genomics in strategic areas such as health, agri-food, forestry and the environment. The organization asked 32MARS to help optimize the current corporate logo and develop a vibrant and unpretentious visual platform that can be applied across different communication tools, including business cards, a corporate brochure, stationery and more.


Génome Québec’s goal was to increase its visibility by demonstrating its important role in modern scientific research to the general public.


First, a horizontal version of Génome Québec’s signature was created in order to optimize its integration with various communication tools. Next, a visual platform with a both human and scientific feel was developed. It needed to be inspiring and dynamic to appeal to the general public while also being innovative and professional to connect with the organization’s scientists. Each area of activity was associated with a specific colour and a distinctive and clear symbol. 

The visual representation of DNA is a fundamental part of the visual platform. 32MARS chose to use different grease and transparency effects to make the image more dynamic. The colours of the four segments were shaded inside the curves in order to evoke the organization’s range of activities and their interrelation. Finally, the images that combine DNA with real pictures were developed in order to show the concrete work done by Génome Québec and its real impact on people’s everyday lives.


The people in charge at Génome Québec were delighted by the visual platform created by 32MARS. Various communication tools were produced, and the new signature is currently being used, allowing the organization to reach its target audience more effectively. Today, 32MARS is still collaborating with Génome Québec on various projects, such as the design of its annual report, the creation of awareness cards and more.

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